There are 5 major search engines.

Google who is dominant gets most of the searches.
Youtube is now in second place and is owned by Google.
Yahoo and Bing are 3rd and have almost exactly the same search results.
AOL uses Googleís results

That right Google, Yahoo and Bing cover more than 95% of the US search engine market.

So if you want your pages to be found you need to understand Why SEO
Why SEO.  Did you know that in the last 10 minutes there were nearly 80,000 new web pages added to the Internet?  How do you compete and where do you get ranked?

Search Engines are a big directory of what you can find on the internet.  If you are not listed you donít exist and if youíre not near the top no one will find you.

Searching for Dodge Parts in Google today there are 172,000,000 pages indexed.  How would you like to be ranked 171,999,999.  In fact unless you are in the first 3 pages you probably wonít get seen at all.

Why SEO:
If for example you are looking for a discontinued Dodge part and didnít find it, you may search 10 plus pages.  If you are a website with a page10 ranking you more than likely wonít have the part either and will waste your time responding to requests you canít fill and wonder why this internet thing doesnít work.