SEO Search is about Keyword phases being seen by Google, MSN/Bing or Yahoo.
People will type in a natural guess sometimes before they try to search like Dodgeparts.com for Dodge parts.  The .com is the most common and highly sought after domain extension, followed by .net and .org.  

SEO Search is also about words on the page. Wouldn’t you think that a 25 word page might not get the value of a 250 word page.  Spiders search the web to get you indexed so the more spider food you give them, to a point, the more they can see relevance in what you write.
Another tidbit of SEO value is that I never submit to search engines.  It is a little known fact that if you submit you are likely to get a lower ranking then if they find you.  Just like in real life, the item someone offers you is never as desirable as the one you discovered.

Picture a target on the wall.  If you know where the target is you can at least hit the target most every time you shoot at it. Now if someone blind folds you and spins you around and then asks you to hit the target you have little chance.  It is the same with content on the page if you know what your clients are searching for you have a much better chance of getting them there with keyword phrases that match there interests.

Build it and they will come doesn’t work.  You need to know about SEO Search.
SEO Search
SEO Search