SEO Ranking is all about the algorithm. That’s right, there is a formula that Google isn’t sharing that can get you ranked at the top of Google for your search phrase.

The most important page is the Index.html or homepage.  Google looks for you to provide what the rest of your site is about like an index in a book.
SEO Ranking is difficult when millions of pages are all trying to get the same value.
If you make a change in your page and then make another in a few days Google may not have even seen the first change you made that could have hurt or helped you.

Meta Tags like the description tag or keyword tag were once a great way to get ranking
on Google.  People would “stuff” keywords in both tags and pop up to the top on Google but Google got wise to this and now gives no ranking value to either one of these and  I don’t  waste my time adding them on sites I build. Beware of other SEO firms that still give importance to these tags.

I have seen ranking done in two to three months and other sites have taken much longer to get them to the top.  Dodgeparts.com has been there for 4 years and gets millions of hits every month.

Patience and understanding the algorithm are the two things you need to get your site to the top. Contact us for a free consultation about SEO Ranking.
SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking