Seattle Web Design
Seattle Web Design is like web design in other major cities with the exception of having Microsoft, Adobe and many other leading Internet companies at your back door.

Seattle known for its grunge rock is also known for Bill Gates, beautiful green landscapes and rain.  Yes, lots of rain.  So some of us sit inside and create but not all.  After all,  Men’s Health Magazine named Seattle in 2011 America’s Most Active City…Go figure.
Seattle Web Design comes in all kind of packages ranging from one man operations to The Cobalt Group who boasts of around 8000 auto dealer websites though out the country.

After looking for “Seattle Web Design” in Google its index includes over 39 million pages. So how do you get seen?  The old 5 page website doesn’t work.  Google is looking for relative content and words on the page and compares your site with others of like interest.  So if you have a 5 page site with 50 words per page about many different subjects you’re not going to rank very well.

It’s like the car dealer who tries to get value for the sales department, service department , parts department, body shop, leasing department, finance department, new car department, used car department and the list goes on, instead of just parts and even further Dodge Parts.  

Google is looking for the Holy Grail of value for its searchers and that’s what makes a difference in a great Seattle Web Design.
Seattle Web Design